Communications Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who filled in our Communications Survey in May and thanks to  Sue in the Church Office for inputting all the data.  The charts below (click to enlarge) show the main findings.  There are some interesting results and implications for how we ‘do’ communications at St John’s.

What news or information are you interested in receiving from St John's

What you most want to know about is ‘what’s on’ – but it is interesting looking at this chart, to see that receiving prayer requests is very high up on your agenda.

Acceess to sermons that you may have missed or you want to hear again, or the notes is also important to you.


What methods and media would you regularly access for communications from St John's


You have converted to New Media!  To be fair this is only to be expected and reflects current trends.

You can easily see that using Email tops the list .  If we ignore the next column for a moment then all the others are examples of digital communication.

But …. the ‘old-fashioned’ printed word does get a good showing, as it is the second highest selection.  As I compile the Welcome Sheet each week I do wonder to myself “does anyone ever read this!”  That over 100 people ticked this box encourages me.

Are you intersested in an online group for sharing information and news with church members?


Now this one surprised me.

You are really keen on the idea of an online group for sharing information and news.  My question for you – is there anyone out there who would like to organise this?  Leave a comment below or drop me an email.



 Some overall statistics:

262 people completed the survey and over 50 of these included a comment on their thoughts and ideas about communications at St John’s. Sadly, most of you who gave a comment did not supply your contact details and so I can’t get back to you.  However, we have taken notice of what was said, and where you did give your details I will be getting back to you shortly with a response.

The Communications Survey has clearly shown that communicating by Email is something that we cannot ignore and is favoured by you as a method of receiving information.  We will be addressing this during the next few months.

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9 Responses to Communications Survey Results

  1. avatar Lesley Osborn says:

    I like email communication for things like Nigel’s Notes and for prayer requests etc.
    For longer documents like APCM report I much prefer receiving printed document as it is easier to zip back and forth etc.
    I am less likely to use web site as a regular source of information though I guess I could be educated that way!
    I like Sunday sheet and would be sad to lose that as I do refer to it in the week. So thanks Stella for doing it.
    Sorry not to do survey proper but as you know I have not been at my most functional!

  2. You guys arfe doing a great job. Emails need to be short, to the point and presented so that they people can easily skim read and then pick out that which is important to them. Bullet points are good.

  3. avatar Helen Nixon says:

    Thanks for this clear and detailed summary of the survey – feedback on surveys is a great encouragement to do the next one! It is good to see that you are already widely using both e-mails and regular printed matter, to meet the highest preferences. Thanks for all the hard work.

  4. Thanks for taking time to make a comment and for your encouragement. I agree, feedback is very important in order to make a survey really authentic. My aim was to have the results on the website within a month. We didn’t quite make that but at least it’s done now.

  5. avatar Tim Roberts says:

    I’ve looked with great interest at this blog and the results of the Communications Survey. You look like you’re doing a great job.

    I’d be quite interested in being a part of some of the New Media stuff that the survey has brought up. I’m a great fan of social media and in particular Facebook,Twitter and Google+ and all that this could do to further raise the profile of St John’s.

    The weekly email is very helpful and as a regular commuter I find this very helpful to keep up to date with news stories items of prayer etc on the move.
    The news sheet continues to be helpful too and a good guide at the start of the week.

    With regards to the suggestion of an online group for people to post news stories,prayer points and practical needs in the surrounding community I think this would be a great idea. Certainly the suggestion of who needs a plumber and then the request goes to a global group sounds great. I’m sure this would also raise the PAC section of the Crossway too!

    I’m not sure I could solely organise this with the pressures of a full time job but I would certainly be interested in being part of a team to try and get it off the ground.

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