Where is everybody?

Just a quick note for anyone wondering what’s going on with our social media accounts at the moment.

We’re in the middle of major changes to the way we communicate at St John’s, driven by the strategic planning and comms survey earlier this year. Over the next 6 months you’ll see changes to the structure of the main website and a big change to how we get the ‘day-to-day’ news to you.

Add to all that work, the fact that the comms team is a Fran short until she’s back from maternity leave in the Autumn – things are pretty stretched right now.

So, because of that, we’re not able to take the time to update our Twitter, Facebook and other accounts very regularly. We are sorry – and we’ll try and get back on it soon – but for now, please keep an eye on the website for news and get in-touch via other means.


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