New weekly roundup

Many people have asked me what will happen for those people who do not have email or internet access and who rely on paper copies.  Well, we have obviously been thinking about this as well and we do realise that we need to meet everyone’s need for up-to-date information from St John’s.

There will be a transition phase of a few weeks as we make the change to the weekly roundup email from the paper based Welcome Sheet.  Also some paper copies of the email will be made available for as long as is needed… but there could be another way.

Do you know someone who does not have email access?  Are you concerned to help them?  Would you be willing to act as an ‘weekly roundup email buddy’ and print out the email for them?  If so please let us know.  Or maybe there is someone out there who would be prepared to do this for a group of people and distribute the printouts?

This kind of thing has been happening every week for many years already with our blind and partially sighted friends and members.  There is a small, dedicated team headed up by Ian Uden who record the Welcome Sheet and other publication – and now Nigel’s Notes as well – and the tapes are sent to those who need them.

This new web based age requires a similar group of people who will see the need to help others to keep in touch and informed, and who are willing to follow the lead of this team to serve their fellow church members.

Will you step up to the plate?  Please contact me on


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2 Responses to New weekly roundup

  1. avatar Helen Nixon says:

    Thanks very much to Stella and Jon for all the work that has gone into this development and into the website generally. It is good to see more detailed information in the Calendar. I will try to get familiar with the website and refer to it more often!

  2. Helen, thanks so much for your positive feedback. It has been quite a learning curve for me but it is very exciting as well. Glad you have noticed the more detailed information in the Calendar. Stella

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