Personal Information and the Weekly Roundup

At the moment, when we include personal information (such as contact details or prayer news) in the Welcome Sheet, we only do so when we have been asked by the person concerned and/or have their permission. The same applies for the ‘Weekly Roundup’.

To coincide with the Weekly Roundup starting, we will begin posting news and information on the church website as a ‘first point’, and then refer you back to all the week’s news and information in the roundup email. The information on the website will be posted in two categories:

The majority of information posted on the website will be posted normally, and therefore in the public domain. However, some posts will not be accessible except via a link in the Weekly Roundup email, for example, prayer news will be posted in this way. If you change your personal contact details, and would have previously placed a note in the Welcome Sheet, these can be posted on the website and included in the Weekly Roundup; or, if you prefer, we will happily include them in the email only.

To put things into perspective, we should remember that personal information is available from the web fairly easily already. The kind of information we are talking about is unlikely to be of interest to anyone with malicious intentions.

By using our website like this, we do not feel we are increasing risks around misuse of personal information. All print publicity (Welcome Sheet, Prayers News, Living Stones Updates) are effectively available to the public each Sunday and throughout the week to anyone who uses our premises – and they can of course pass things on to whoever they choose. Similarly, recipients of the weekly roundup will be able to forward on the email – just as those who currently receive Nigel’s Midweek Notes can.

If you’ve got any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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