That Was The Week(ly Roundup) That Was

Last Thursday we sent our first Weekly Roundup email, it was an exciting moment, and a proud one. A grand total of 194 of you had signed up to receive the emails when we hit send, and I’m really pleased to be able to give you some more details from our analytics:

168 of you (86.6%) have opened the email so far. This is the stat that makes me smile most. The average for the “religion sector” as a whole is under 25% – so good going you lot!

Those 168 people clicked the links inside the email a total of 115 times, with the most popular link being the volunteer needs, closely followed by the Healing & Prayer Centre, and then Nigel’s most recent set of notes.

The email has been opened a total of 407 times. With our top opener opening it a whopping 25 times! (We’ll be sending her a trophy)

On the day we sent the email, we around 50 more people visited the website than do on a normal Thursday.

And finally, none of you un-subscribed from the email or reported us as spam. Yay!

So – thank you so much for actually reading our little email – and do keep the feedback coming – Stella is ready and waiting!

PS – all of these stats are minimums – not every email program allows our clever analytics to work – so there’ll always be more opens than we can report.

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